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  • Collaborative Interventions in Family Systems

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    In this blog, I share resources and comment on current issues that affect families, including issues that arise when families are involved in Family Court. A key area is the relationships between parents and their children.  Classic child therapy only addresses the child’s immediate needs.  The Theraplay approach both assesses and adddresses the attachment between the child and each parent.  A treatment plan is then developed to improve the emotional connection betweeen parent and child.

    The consequences of substance use and misuse are also a frequent issue in family systems and a key area of conflict in court matters. 

    November 27, 2021

    As the use of marijuana becomes more ‘normalized”, it will be necessary for family law attorneys to rely on addiction counselors to assess pattern of use, methods of use, strength of product and, via drug testing, the level of metabolism. It will also be necessary to interview collateral sources given that the user him or herself is likely to be the least reliable informant when it comes to impairment.

    March 23, 2024

    I promise to blog weekly about collaborative interventions in family systems. This week I want to suggest an article from a Family Court judge in Singapore.  The needs of Family Court to address cross cultural marriages is increasing.  The city state of Singapore is an example of a multicultural mileu given that it is surrounded by four other nations.  Check out the attached PDF file under the resources tab!